President Chi Tai
          CHINESE TICKET BOX is an entertainment promotion company located in Fremont, California. Its aim is to present world- class performing arts to the audiences worldwide. Chi Tai, an experienced event organizer, is appointed as President since the company was founded in 2003. Chinese Ticket Box is the first company offering on-line ticket sales for Chinese events.

          In 2006, the company presented ¡°China National Song & Dance Troupe¡± America tour. The event attracted 40,000 audiences for 10 performances. In 2007and 2009, ¡°The same song¡± concerts in San Francisco was another triumphant event hosted by the company. Chinese Ticket Box made a huge investment to present Jay Chou Concert tour in Canada and U. S. A. at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011, which captivated 30,000 people with an unprecedented stage effects of lighting, acoustics and fireworks in the Chinese entertainment industry. Another event brought by the company is the stage play ¡°The Village¡± which was directed by Stan Lai and attracted 16,000 people and was applauded in San Francisco and Los Angeles for six performances. It is named the most successful event of Chinese play in North America. The third thrilling event promoted by the company is ¡°2011 Chinese Spring Festival
Gala.¡± The show presents ethnic style and primitive techniques from Chinese performing arts and brings holiday greetings to overseas Chinese. All the events amuse thousands of people. Chinese Ticket Box highly appreciates your participation and looks forward to your continuous support.

          In 2012, CTB arranged Beijing Calling from Heart Disabled Performing Group to tour US for 5 performances. The wonderful and beautiful performances of deaf-mute and amputated performers fascinated audiences with joy and tears. In addition, the youngsters¡¯ dream of visiting America came true. 2013/14 series are Embracing China for 64th National Day, acrobatic and ballet show Yu Lan by Dalian Acrobatic Troupe, stage play Face of Chiang Kai-shek: To Go or Not to Go produced by Nanking University, stage play A Legend: Sai Jin Hua produced by Tainjin People¡¯s Arts Theater and starred by Liu Xiao Qing, and stage play The Village¡¯s 2nd US tour which is produced by Performance Workshop Taiwan.

         2015¡¯s events were Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra featuring Yellow River Piano Concerto by pianist Yin Chengzong, Cantata for Sent-down Youth presented at Chinese New Year Concert, minority singing and dancing by Guangxi Singing and Dancing Troupe, and V-J Day Concert celebrating 70th anniversary of victory over Japan¡¯s invasion of China. The primary events of 2016 were stage play ¡°Empress Wu¡± featuring Liu Xiao Qing and Tien Jin People¡¯s Art Theater and ¡°National Beauty¡± by China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe. Also, gala in commemoration of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen¡¯s 150 birthday and death of 400 anniversary of Chinese playwright Tang Xianzu, musical ¡°National Anthem¡± by Shanghai Opera, and ¡°Cheng Yin Rescues the Orphan¡± by Henan Yu Opera Troupe II were presented by CTB.